Badges of Base Camp

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Old Christians badge - code name Sword Old Christians badge - code name Peace Old Christians badge - Trek 3 badge Kraland I badge badge Hungary badge Andarx badge Cahuamos badge Maine badge Minesota Crunchers badge Kraland II badge International

badge 2.0 badge Crunchers4Life badge Mot badge SNURK & FRIENDS badge International 2.0 badge SeriousCrunchers badge XtremeSystems badge International 3.0 badge Alliance Francophone

badge M.E.A.C.C badge Carl Sagan badge CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES badge Global Team Protection badge # A better world # --> TronderEnergiKraft AS badge Christians badge The Survivors badge Sawyer badge Old Chap

Exceptional Badges THOR 2018 :
badge Loki badge THOR 2018

Global Protection Team Trek Badges :
Base Camp page on GPT website

badge Day 1 badge Day 2 badge Day 3 badge Day 4
badge Day 5 badge Day 6 badge Day 7 badge Day 8
badge 1-The-per-of-secrets badge Find-10 badge Find-4
badge 50 days badge 100 days badge 150 days badge 180 days
badge 200 days badge 250 days badge 300 days badge 1 years
badge 2 years badge 3 years badge 4 years badge 5 years
badge 6 years badge 7 years badge 8 years badge 9 years
badge 10 years badge 11 years badge 12 years badge 13 years
badge 14 years badge 15 years badge 16 years

Special for [CSF] Damon Hill
badge Higeste TRT badge Extreme

Badge THOR 2019 with GPT :
badge GPT THOR 2019

Rosie Badges :

badge Rosie badge Sp├ęcial Rosie